13 Unbelievable DIY Renovation Fails

17 Aug

13 Unbelievable DIY Renovation Fails

These DIY-ers can attest — some projects are best left to the pros.

  1. So, so close.

Source: https://imgur.com/0hxZ2yh

2.Vision vs. Reality


When Karah of The Space Between blog tried to DIY this pallet walkway in her yard, it didn’t turn out exactly as planned. “I don’t know if it was just the perfect storm of pallet walkway killing events. We had a rain storm pretty much immediately after I finished it. Then the sun shone so hot and bright I could almost see the pallet slats warping before my eyes. They even cracked when we stepped on them.” And while she’s a pretty experienced DIY-er, she dubbed this project a “total DIY fail” — proof that even the handiest homeowners experience fails.

3.If you’re more a big picture person than you are detail-oriented, sink tiling may not be the project for you.

Source: UnoriginalUrsila / reddit.com

4.You didn’t really want to open those drawers anyways.

Source: Twitter @Elder_Insurance

5.Better the wall than your head?

Source: TedBuckley via imgur.com

6.Fail? What fail? This is a design element.

Source: Twitter @tradleeapp

7.Faucet-to-sink match fail.

Leesoph via imgur.com

8.Well, what home doesn’t have a few useless outlets?

Source: oldyMadness via imgur.com

9.Hands-up if this would drive you crazy.

Source: imgur.com

10.Measure once, cut twice, right?

Source: officeforward.com

11.Privacy is overrated.

Source: epicfail.com

12.But then again, so is leaving the house.

Source: Thereifixedit.com

13.A bathroom made for Stretch Armstrong.

Source: egotvonline.com

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