How to cozy up your deck for fall

20 Oct

How to cozy up your deck for fall

Because the best outdoor living spaces, from your patio to your deck, are well-loved even once fall arrives and the temperature takes a dip.

When in doubt, add a throw

Steal an indoor decorating trick for the outdoors: throw blankets make every space feel cozier. Drape washable throws over your outdoor chairs, and even keep a basket handy to stow extras. Next time you want to have your morning cup of coffee outdoors, or have the neighbors over for a glass of wine, you won’t think twice about the air being a little brisk.

Scatter outdoor candles

In the summer, citronella candles are purely utilitarian, lit to keep the bugs at bay. But in the fall, nothing’s more inviting than warm candlelight. Whether you go with tall lanterns or tiny tea lights, or a variety, you can extend the deck-sitting season even after the sun starts setting around 7 pm. Nervous about fire safety? Opt for battery-operated candles; the new LED varieties last forever while still offering a warm flicker.

Set the table

Grilling season hasn’t come to an end, so there’s no reason outdoor dining has to. Make dinner outdoors more enticing by adding cozy sheepskins to chairs and benches, throwing a tablecloth or runner on, and adding — you guessed it — candles.

Add a fireplace

Nothing’s cozier than an autumn evening gathered around the fire, roasting s’mores. Adding an outdoor fireplace or firepit makes outdoor entertaining easy and warm. Fires make a natural focal point, and fireplaces add additional privacy. Not into flames or the work of a wood fire? Build in a space heating element, or go the gas route.

Hang a hammock

Fall is still full of 70-degree days where nothing feels better than a nap in the warm sun. Hang a hammock across your deck, or add one with a stand, and cat nap the Saturday away.

Decorate like you would your living room

Go even a step further than throws and candles, and decorate your outdoor living space like you would your indoor living room. Add cozy throws, art, a beverage cart or built-in cooler — even upgraded lighting fixtures like chandeliers and sconces. An indoor/outdoor rug adds impact and feels inviting.

Don’t forget the landscaping

Annuals like mums and decorative kale make a warm statement and keep the backyard looking lush even as the trees begin to look spare. Evergreens and perennials with fall color add interest throughout the cooler months.

Add a roof

Cover part of your deck with a roof or pergola to protect furniture from elements like rain and wind. This also allows you to set up different zones of your outdoor space, designating one area for dining and another for relaxing.

Add a hot tub

For true relaxation, nothing beats a soak in a warm hot tub — best used when there’s a bit of a nip in the air. It’ll need its own foundation to support the weight, but takes up surprisingly little space, and certainly less than a pool.

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