5 Easy ways to prepare your home for spring

16 Feb

5 Easy ways to prepare your home for spring

As winter makes an exit and spring appears on the horizon,our homes need a little tender loving care before they are fully ready to face the elements. Changes spring brings, in both temperature and moisture level, present a unique set of challenges that our homes must conquer. Check each of these items off your to-do list to ensure that your home is ready for spring.

Clean gutters

Between fall and winter gutters can fill up quickly with debris. Remove all debris from the gutters, and ensure that all joints/connections are working properly. Nothing can be more detrimental to the health of  your home foundation than a fast and furious rainstorm.

Re-establish outdoor water connections

Just as you disconnect exterior water faucets and hoses before winter hits, it’s safe to reconnect them and turn on the water as soon as the last threat of freezing weather conditions have passed.

Test smoke alarms

This is an imperative and quick task that can save your life. Replace each battery and then each smoke alarm throughout your home.

Clear foundation vents + floor drains

If you are in a home with a crawl space it’s important to clear the cluttered leaves and debris that have accumulated around the foundation vents on the exterior of your home. Likewise, if your home has interior or exterior floor drains, you’ll want to clear any leaves and mud from the area to ensure your home is ready to handle any quick and sudden bursts of rain that spring may bring.

Wash exterior windows

Winter weather brings about cloudy weather conditions. Time to clean all exterior windows and window screens so that you can clearly see all the beauty that spring has in store!

Whether you’re caring for an older home or a brand new abode, caring for your home through the seasons is essential to making sure your investment remains an asset for many years to come. Following these tips means your home is ready to make the transition from frigid winter to beautiful blooming spring.


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